ASAU-IT Independent Transparent and unbiased approach to problem solving
ASAU-IT Integrity Highest legal, ethical and professional standards
ASAU-IT Time Efficiency Expertise and powerful IT for swift task processing
ASAU-IT Innovation Always eager to find innovative and optimized solutions
ASAU-IT Experience Team of trained and skilled professionals
ASAU-IT Peace of mind Let us do the work, while you focus on your core business


Restructuring & Insolvency

We take all the hassle out of the transaction administration in complex debt restructuring situations, allowing lenders and borrowers to focus on their core business.

Complemented by our ASAUIT Platform we ensure the process is run through a single platform, providing transparency, standardized access and overivew through all financing stages to all stakeholders.

Project Finance / Loans / M&A

As an independent firm we act as the inter-creditor agent, ensuring a smooth process and outstanding post-transaction execution and conitnous monitoring.

Complemented by our ASAUIT Platform we ensure the process is run through a platform, providing transparency, standardized access and overivew through all financing stages to all stakeholders.


We provide consistent and on-going monitoring of affirmative and negative covenants to verify that the borrower is performing the duties required under the relevant finance and project documents.

  • continuously collect data from public records, debtor directly, advisers and on-site visits to create up-to-date 360° business reviews and compare the results to contractual obligations
  • use predictive models to assess the potential future developments
  • inform the creditors about any risk or performance level adjustments
  • approve and track requests for draw-downs and disbursement, manage change orders

Monitoring is accessible exclusively through ASAUIT Platform.


We provide a comprehensive management of the relationship between the creditors and the borrowers:

  • Communication management and document exchange

    We send amendments, consents, and waiver requests by debtors to lenders, and lenders’ requests onward to the borrowers, all together with detailed explanation on required action.

  • Informing the stakeholders

    We notify all creditors and debtors about all events related to implementation of the contractual relationship

  • Meetings management

    We organize meetings, choose independent location, lead and keep the discussions in right direction.

  • Ongoing monitoring

    We continuously gather and analyze debtor's accounting data and report to the creditors.

  • Document drafting

    We prepare various resolutions and agenda. We create clean “approvable” request packages that can be distributed to bank decision-makers, including fairness-opinions, letters for credit committees.

  • Liaison

    We act as liaison with legal, financial, technical and other advisers.

  • Troubleshooting

    We resolve financial and operating issues with the lenders and borrowers, as well as develop and implement workout strategies to maximize the recovery of an investment.

  • Financial closure

    We manage condition precedent satisfaction process to achieve financial closing of transaction.

  • Reporting

    We provide comprehensive reports on compliance obligations.

Replacement Agent

  • Obtain administration details of each lender and create records on our loan processing system
  • Reconcile positions with outgoing agent’s books and records
  • Work with existing agent to transfer information
  • Obtain a list of existing securities from agent and arrange for transfer
  • Notify lenders as replacement agent when effective date notice is released
  • Manage decision-making and voting process in accordance with governing documentation

Agency & Trust


  • Coordination and calculation of payment and other borrower/lender functions, such as drawdowns, rollovers, and fee administration (payments from lenders to borrowers and payments from borrowers to lenders)
  • Confirmation and circulation of base rates and margins
  • Establishment of project accounts
  • Liaison with administration areas of other lenders to ensure efficient fund flow


  • Holding securities in trust
  • Taking, maintaining and releasing security on relevant instructions (enforce the security in the event of default)
  • Application and distribution of enforcement proceeds to secured parties

Advisory & Other

  • Operational restructuring
  • Audit, tax and legal assistance, collation and distribution of compliance certificates, and financial reporting packages
  • Know-Your-Client packages
  • M&A assistance
  • Bespoke IT solutions for financial sector and transaction management
ASAU-IT System Preview

ASAUIT Platform

Your access point to Loan & Restructuring & Other Financing project management.

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Main features

ASAU-IT System Preview

Support for all financing stages

ASAU-IT System Preview End-to-end support for administration of financing projects. From pre-financing phase to contract negotiations, from ongoing monitoring of client's performance and fulfillment of contractual commitments through contract implementation phase to eventual restructuring phase.

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Real-time monitoring

ASAU-IT System PreviewOngoing monitoring of fulfillment contractual commitments as well as debtor's financial health and performance through set of key indicators. Based on the information and data provided by debtor, public sources, advisory firms, ASAU Team and other sources.

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Early warnings

ASAU-IT System PreviewLinked to monitoring, the early warning feature, instantly informs you about any developments that may affect specific project’s risk levels and performance.

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Big data analytics

ASAU-IT System PreviewAll collected data on debtors runs through our complex analytic models to extract critical information and create performance trends and forecasts in order to provide comprehensive debtor profiles.

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ASAU-IT System Preview ASAU-IT System Preview ASAU-IT System Preview ASAU-IT System Preview ASAU-IT System Preview

Multi-level user access

Easy administration | Login and attachment access history | Individual user access settings | User groups

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Communication & Coordination

Communication system | Document drafting with tracking history | Voting system (important for syndicate loans and loan restructuring) | Task manager | Meetings organizer

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Data access

Custom views with filters| Custom portfolios | Temporary access option

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Data room

Financial statements | Information on claims | Collaterals | Evaluations | Reports | Legal documentation | Organized into folders

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About ASAU

We close the gap between traditional financial services and fintech by providing financing project management and complementary services as well as advanced IT tools to support the process. With our experienced interdisciplinary team, led by recipient of two Best Financial Manager of the Year awards in Slovenia - Mr. Matjaž Rakovec, and in-house developed ASAUIT Platform for management and coordination of all kinds of financing projects we are fully equipped to deliver exquisite products and services for the financial world of the future.


ASAU Team is led by Matjaž Rakovec (CEO), former CEO of the largest insurance group in Western Balkans (Triglav Insurance Group) and recipient of two Best Financial Manager of the Year awards in Slovenia (2012, 2013). As a co-founder he is joined by Primož Kopač (CTO), a serial entrepreneur, with more than 20 years of experience in IT sector (primarily working on CRM systems). The management board is assisted and advised by Rok Snoj, an all-around dedicated professional with experience in development and marketing & sales of innovative products. The R&D team is led by Janez Kranjc, a PhD candidate and one of top rated Big Data analytics developers at the world-class scientific research institute Jožef Štefan. The R&D team is completed by Primož Mavsar as design and UX expert, Matej Tancek and Boštjan Lotrič as software engineers, and two Data and Business Intelligence experts. The team is continually supported by Banking & Finance attorney.

Matjaž Rakovec


Primož Kopač


Rok Snoj

Marketing & Sales

Janez Kranjc

Head of Development

Primož Mavsar

Design and UX

Matej Tancek

Software Engineer

Boštjan Lotrič

Software Engineer

Jernej Mencinger

Business Intelligence Analytic


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